Diametral Kitchen

Diametral kitchens and furniture fronts are premium materials that are refreshing from the products of the mass industry

Jewelry in the kitchen not only as a slogan but as a clearly recognizable difference to all industrial products

Diametral claims to be one of the most exclusive design tools

It is an art to go your own way in design and it is an even greater art to create from the design pieces products that can exist in everyday life

The smooth functioning of the hinges and pull-outs, the resistance of the cases to mechanical influences, screwed back panels of the furniture, heavy duty suspensions, the clear glass fronts protecting the underlying Swarovski crystals, measures against warping of the elements are the further challenges for the furniture of the extra class

Suitable and functional accessories such as unique back and - niche walls, production of master craftsmen in millimeter steps and according to individual customer requirements allow a perfect individualization of the furniture for the customers