DIAMETRAL – founded in  1994

From this material, products such as doors, mirrors, tiles, partition and back walls and many other products for the furnishing area were manufactured

The intensive work with the materials, the ongoing quality and production controls resulted in a know-how which, in addition to design, also enables longevity and practicality of the products.

As a result, other materials such as gold leaf, carbon, palladium and others have been added. Processed into laminated glass with the Diametral technology and used to produce interior products. In 2006 DIAMETRAL invented a “technology for the production of crystals in a composite material” and secured this invention with patents. 97500 cut SWAROVSKI crystals per m2 – embedded in crystal glass – claim to be one of the most exclusive building materials in the world.

Not only the optical advantages make the material so unique, the technical characteristics of maintaining the refraction of light and thus the special shine of the cut crystals in a completely smooth glass surface, guarantee absolute suitability for daily use and usability. With Diametral, it was possible to create an absolutely personal touch in rooms that are able to upgrade even the most exclusive pieces of furniture.

The use of the Diametral production techniques made it possible to equip these materials with completely new, previously non-producible designs.




In this way, combined with the unique surfaces of Diametral, the products are unique in the world and appeal to customers who are not oriented towards the mass industrial goods of the mass-industry.

The production “Made in Austria”, a selective customer marketing and a reliable delivery and service readiness managed to enthuse customers in many countries of the Diametral products.

An invention for producing colored laminated glass, whose color gradients were controlled and thus reproducible, was the start of Diametral in the 1990s.

In 2016, the production of furniture was started, with a special focus on workmanship and quality. Custom made products, produced by master craftsmen are the basis of Diametral furniture lines.